Dealing with Stress and Coping with Overload – To Be less stressed and in control!

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Do you feel that there is too much to do in too little time? Are you often overwhelmed, stretched, and stressed? Do you want to feel calmer, in control and on top of your game?

Wouldn’t it be great To Be less stressed, more in control and able to cope with the competing demands that scream for your attention? Through this workshop you will develop the skills to identify priorities, to deal with distractions, to manage communication overload, manage stress and to use planning tools effectively every day.

Workshop Benefits

Through this workshop, you will learn the skills that will enable you To Be able to:

Workshop Content

The programme is engaging, highly interactive, and designed to leave participants with practical skills for getting the right things done with the least amount of stress, in the rapid pace of today’s world.

The programme will cover the following key themes:

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