The To Be Training Approach

Our applied learning model – how we design our solutions.

Training events don’t work! A bold statement we know, but if you want to get lasting change and value for money, apply a learning process rather than a one off training event!

You have often heard the saying ‘you reap what you sow’ and the same is true of training and development solutions. By applying the REAP model we ensure that you reap the results you want through your programme.

Our participants typically go through the following process:

We all know that how we prepare for things will impact how we do in the moment. The same is true for learning. We prepare our participants so that they can get the best value out of the time they spend in the ‘live’ environment and so that they are focused on applying and practising what they are learning rather than just requiring knowledge. Before any programme, participants’ state of readiness is developed through developing personal objectives, reading relevant material, listening to CD’s or completing profiles.

Our workshops are designed with all learning styles in mind and our interactive, facilitative approach ensures that participants are involved, engaged and focused on learning and developing their skills throughout the workshop.

We know that everyone has a choice. We also know that you will only choose to apply new skills or behaviours if you believe they will get you the results you want and that you will be supported in applying the changes back in work. We work in partnership with your organisation to put the necessary systems and processes in place to enable you to apply what you’ve learned and get the results you want.

We seek sustainable results! It’s not enough just to attend a workshop, we want people to apply what they have learned when they get back to work! Our programmes are designed to give participants the tools and systems they need to keep on track. The result is deep learning which people believe in and choose to implement!

If you want lasting change, you need to put in consistent effort – and we will be with you every step of the way, supporting you, guiding you and cheering you on!

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