Mastering the Art of Delegation 2012

Adrienne O'Hare, Managing Director, shares her thoughts on the Art of Delegation.

Managers tend to fall into two categories; masterful delegators or squirrels.

Squirrels hoard all the tasks convincing themselves that they don’t have the time to delegate and no one can be trusted to do things as well as they can. The reality is squirrels don’t make it to the top of the tree as they are too busy holding all the nuts. Read more ...


IFIA Training & HR Conference 2009

Caroline Hughes, Head of HR Consulting, shared her pearls of wisdom on surviving redundancy at the annual IFIA HR and Training Conference.

In recognising and acknowledging the wave of emotion that is “survivor syndrome” you can harness positive feelings and reengage employees who will waiver between being glad they have a job, to feeling guilty that they have been relatively unaffected by this spiral. Read more ...