The Leadership Challenge – from knowing to doing

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Great leaders inspire us, ignite our passion and motivate us to take action and achieve results. Wouldn’t it be great To Be a positive influence on your team and peers to achieve superior performance results?

The leadership challenge is an intensive, 3 day workshop for more experienced managers and leaders who want to demonstrate great leadership. The workshop focuses on the four leadership competencies that effective leaders demonstrate. Through the workshop you significantly improve your strategic thinking, your positive influence on others and your ability to achieve sustainable results.

The skills you develop during the workshop will enable you to improve your overall effectiveness as a leader and make the transition from knowing what you need to do, to implementing the tools and approaches that will bring you long term success.

Workshop Benefits

Through this workshop, you will learn the skills that will enable you To Be able to:

Workshop Content

Creating a compelling vision that people can buy into and deliver

Empowering people to consistently deliver great results

Collaborating effectively

Enabling change

Application and Follow-up

Individual coaching sessions form part of this programme to support participants in implementing the changes which will bring about lasting effectiveness and sustained superior performance results.

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