Coping Skills - for keeping your cool when pushed to the limit

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The workplace today is a high pressure environment where we are expected to do more with less and in a faster time. Nowadays more sophisticated customers with ever increaing epectations of higher levels of service and attention are much more demanding and often more aggressive in the way they approach issues that need to be resolved. The same applies for internal customers and stakeholders. In this environment, confidence and influencing skills are a 'must' for people at all levels of the organisation. This program delivers practical learning and coping skills where accurate, specific, and effective communications are critical.

Are you someone who needs to influence others? Wouldn't it be great To Be able to confidently deal with difficult behaviours and situations in a positive way?

In this practical programme, you will learn how to treat others with openess, directness and commitment, how to handle conflict positively, even in emotional situations; and how self-concept contributes either positively or negatively to ineraction resposnes and outcomes.

Workshop Benefits

Through this programme you will learn the skills that will enable you to:

Workshop Content

This is a 2 day workshop and covers 3 key areas. We highly recommend an optional post programme review session.

Part 1: Understanding Behaviour

Part 2: Effective Self Management

Part 3: Communication & Influencing Skills

Part 4: Preparation & Application

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