Introduction to Business Mentoring

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Are you the type of person who is passionate about supporting individuals to achieve their potential? Do you enjoy sharing the benfit of your experience with others, giving them hints and tips that will enable them to achieve more, faster? Do you enjoy offering advice and guidance to others?

Mentoring provides a platform to: provide motivation, increase confidence, provide role models, encourage networking, and provide support for newly promoted individuals to develop and master their new roles and resposnibilities more smoothly, quickly and effectively. Through mentoring, you can expect to develop and retain talent within your organisation.

Workshop Benefits

Through this programme you will learn the skills that will enable you to:

Workshop Content

This 1 day workshop covers 4 key areas.

Part 1: Defining Mentoring

Part 2: Mentoring Styles & Skills

Part 3: Overcoming potential pitfalls

Part 4: The mentoring agreement

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