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Is it true my employment records can be inspected?

Yes. In 2007, a body called NERA; (National Employment Rights Authority) was established under the social partnership agreement, Towards 2016. Their aim is to uphold employment rights and encourage a culture of compliance through information, inspection, enforcement and prosecution. NERA also has the authority to:

What are the penalties?

NERA’s primary concern is to ensure you comply with your obligations as employers, and rectify any breaches in requirements. This includes redress for the employees concerned and payment of any salary related arrears due, where appropriate.

In certain circumstances, including where the employer fails to rectify the matter, where breaches of the Protection of Young Persons (Employment) Act 1996 have occurred or where serious breaches of employment rights legislation have been detected NERA will refer the matter to the Chief State Solicitors Office with a view to initiating a prosecution in the Courts, subject to their advice.

How do I make sure I’ve got everything I need?

Having adequate payroll data, individual contracts of employment and an Employee Handbook goes a long way to ensuring you are in compliance with legislative requirements.

Whilst there will be some sector specific information which will be required (e.g. construction) the type of information which NERA typically looks for is:

What if I’m missing something?

We can help!

Contract of Employment – Fixed Term Contract; Permanent Contract;

Policies and Procedures – If you do not have any of the policies outlined on the list below, or you have policies which have not been updated in the past 12 months, please contact us on 01 8532236 –

Employee Handbook - If you do not currently have any employment policies in place, or they have not been updated in the last 12 months, our Employee Handbook offers a comprehensive list of Policies and procedures. In addition to the policies outlined in “Policies and Procedures” section, our handbook includes the following, which can be customised for your organisation:

Can you help me with my HR needs?

Absolutely! We can provide all the support of an extensive HR Department which will suit your business needs, and your budget. We can tailor this to suit the requirements of your Company, however, here’s the full range of what we do.

Review your current HR policies and practices – even though you might not have a policy, the way to respond to employment situations will determine the policy

What are the benefits to employers?

If you have never offered Human Resources solution in your business, our company will give a quality service, without the cost of an additional headcount. If you currently offer this service in-house, TO BE commits to a seamless transition to an outsourced provider

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