Time Management For Managers - making time work for you!

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The demands on a Manager’s time are many, and the pressure can easily mount to the point where we find ourselves asking “Where has the day gone?” or wondering why there never seems to be enough hours in the day!  Increasingly, managers are expected to do more with less, and find themselves in a constant state of catch up.

Do you find yourself feeling frustrated as another email pops into your already bulging inbox? Do you feel conflicted knowing that you should be investing more time in your team rather than fire fighting? Or you just want to get more done in the time you have available?


Programme Aims



Programme Content

Self Awareness

Time Management Fundamentals

 The Empowerment Framework


  Putting it into Practice



Learning Process

This will be a highly interactive session which focuses on the different elements of a manager’s role and how they must juggle accordingly.  During the programme participants will complete a self-assessment questionnaire that focuses identifying key time stealers.


Programme Benefits



This programme is facilitated over one day.